Books to Read

 • NEW!  Just Released  in 2018– The Life  and Times of Clear Lake Township, by Michael Keigan. A collection of unique histories, recollections, photos and conversations of Clear Lake Township residents, both past and present. Book is available for purchase from Bud Stimmler, Township Supervisor, 320-761-5793 or contact Township at 320-743-2472 or email

• Clearwater Remembers – Collection of Photos  This book was published in 1997 and printed by Sentinel Publishing, St. Cloud.  Every effort was made to collect and preserve photos to reflect the history of Clearwater, MN.  Although this book is out of print, there are some copies at the Clearwater Library for reference. It will also be available by contacting club members Sharon Lee, 558-6725, or Karolyn Boucher, 320-293-2242.

• Suland – Fiction  This book was written by Silver Creek resident Violetta Botzet Luetgers, published in 2010 by Tate Publishing & Enterprises.  Although this book is fiction the author made every effort to weave the fictional characters into the story of real life people who lived during the 1862 Great Souix Uprising.  This book includes many familiar references to lakes and rivers in this immediate community–Clearwater River, Silver Creek, Silver Lake and the great Mississippi River. Available for purchase on Amazon & local bookstores.

• A Journey Through Time –This book tells about the first 100 years of Clearwater Township 1858-1958. Authors are Sharon Lee and Virginia Lee. Available at the Clearwater Township Hall (320-558-4011, leave message) Cost $22.50

• Postcards from the Old Man & Other Correspondence from Clearwater –Author is Cynthia Anne Frank Stupnik  Published by Heritage Books 2004.  Available at Amazon for $21.50.

• Abercrombie Trail  –This novel of the 1862 Indian Uprising is authored by Candace Simar, and published in 2009 by North Star Press of St. Cloud. Available at Amazon for $14.95.

• Pomme De Terre –Novel of the Minnesota Indian Uprising. Author Candace Simar.. Published by North Star Press of St. Cloud in 2010.  Available at Amazon for $14.95.

• Birdie –Novel of the Minnesota Indian Uprising. Author Candace Simar, published by North Star Press of St. Cloud in 2011.  Available at Amazon for $14.95.

• Uprising –Novel of the Minnesota Indian Uprising, Author Dean Urdahl, published by North Star Press of St. Cloud in 2007.  Available at Amazon for $11.69

• Retribution –Novel of the Minnesota Indian Upising, Author Dean Urdahl, published by North Star Press of St. Cloud in 2009.  Available at Amazon for $14.95.

• Pursuit –Novel of the Minnesota Indians, Author Dean Urdahl, published by North Star Press of St. Cloud in 2011.  Available at Amazon for $14.95.

• History of the Upper Mississippi Valley - Author Edward D. Neill, Published in 1883. Very hard to locate

• Heros of the Uprising - Minnesota’s Dakota Uprising of 1862–Author Michael Kiegan, former Clearwater Township resident, published by Authorhouse 2012. Available at Amazon $22.50.

•Postcards from the Old Man and Other Correspondence from Clearwater Minnesota" c. 2004, by Cindy Frank-Stupnik.

• "Scruples and Drams: A Novel of Minnesota's Main Street Women" c.2015 by Cindy Frank-Stupnik.

• "Around Clearwater" Images of America, c2016 by Cindy Frank-Stupnik.

• Other resources that may be of  interest are “History of Wright County 1915” Vo. 1 & 2, which can be found at Wright County Historical Society and the “History of Stearns County,” found at Stearns History Museum.  These books are for reference only and can not be checked out.

Some of these books are no longer in print or are in limited supply, but may be found at area garage or estate sales, and might be found on Ebay or at flee markets.  If possible, we encourage you to buy any that you may find to share with others that have an interest in Clearwater area history.