Early Businesses, Churches & School

First State Bank


440 Main Street – The building was built in 1902 and was originally owned by Willis Shaw. He operated the bank until 1930, and then stopped taking deposits and only operated as a loan office. 

Today this building operates as office space for Johnson Crushing and Aggregates.

Funeral Home


Was located at 305 & 315 Main St. Originally opened by Schaefer Funeral Home in 1960, later by Pitt Funeral Service then by Lindquist Funeral Home. Purchased by Daniels Funeral Home in  1993.  They built a new building in the newer part of town in 1998. 

Hardware Store


435 Main St. This early hardware store was called Raw & Boddy Hardware and they sold a general line of hardware, washing machines, gasoline engines and cream seperaters. It is most recenty has become a potter's studio. 

Tri-County Lumber


515 Main St.  - First started by Margaret Blakely and Carl Trovall in 1941. They expanded several times as their business grew. In 1976 it was purchased by Simonson Lumber.  Today, Tri-County has resurfaced as a modern lumber yard on Co.Rd. 75.

Kniss Fairway Foods


505 Main St. Ellis Kniss began his grocery career working in what was the old Webster Grocery Store, operating it from 1938-1971.  It has since been used as a rug making and recycling shop, and currently houses apartments. The outside still reflects the charm of the original building. 

Post Office


This former building was located on the corner of Main and Maple Street.  it was owned by Oscar Strommer who was postmaster from 1941-1974. It was only 12 ft. x 12 ft., and if more than two people were in the building at the same time, you were feeling very crowded. 

Locker Plant


105 Pine St. – Originally it was a Cooperatively owned plant with the organizational meeting held in 1944. It was purchased in 1977 by Dennis & Delphine Waltzing and had a full-service locker plant until 2003 until it was sold to Tom Neuman and Randy Gallus. Today it is know as T&R Meats.

Clearwater Creamery


100 Pine St. – Operated from 1912 to 1961.  Records show that in 1929 the output was about 1180,000. In 1933 butter sold for 16 cents/lb. The marked decline  in profits for the small herd operator and new requirements by the Ag. Dept. forced the close. 

Today it houses Clear Water Outfitters, and canoe and kayake sales and river tour company.

Dick's Lunch


630 Co. Rd. 75 – Owned by Cliff Powell, serving hamburgers, malts, etc. Was a favorite hangout for the high school kids.  Later the building became home of Clearwater Bait & Tackle, was then torn down and rebuilt as a Bait & Convenience Store, had a carwash and sold gasoline.

Today it holds Clearwater Hardware. 

Killeen's Gas Station


Ash & Co. Rd. 75. Leonard Killeen built the original structure when he returned from working in Alaska in the 1940's.  That structure was lost in an explosion in 1954, but was rebuilt in 1955.  The building currently houses a laundromat and small office space facing Co.Rd. 75. 

Municipal Liquor


Originally built by Leonard Killeen, but closed when he worked in Alaska.  Sold to the city to be used as a municipal liquor store in 1949. Accounts from that year tell about improvements made. . .ice cube machine and electric beverage cooler. 

Hollywood Steakhouse & Hotel


Originally built in by Ray Matthes in 1957.  When the freeway was developed  the motel was separated  from the steakhouse portion and moved to where the Holiday Station Store currently sits. The Steakhouse portion became a private residence. 

Clearwater City Hall


325 Main St.  This is a picture of the second City Hall. The first city hall was located on the corner of Spring St. & Oak St. The third site, in 1974 was at 715 Line St., and finally the newest is at 605 Co. Rd. 75, built in 1992. 

Art Manness Garage


Corner of Pine & Co. Rd. 75 – This building was owned by Cliff Powell, but rented by Art Maness  from 1961 to 1972, for auto maintenance and sale of gasoline. 

First Congregational

This church was built in the mid 1800's and served as a safe haven during the Indian Uprisings.

This church was built in the mid 1800's and served as a safe haven in the event of an Indian Uprising.  On the National Register of Historic Places. Currently being remodeled as a residence. 

Clearwater School


This school was built in 1871. It housed all ages of students. In 1968 Clearwater School District consolidated with the St. Cloud School District. Elementery students attended the new Clearview School near Clear Lake, while junior and senior high school students went to St. Cloud.  Today it is an apartment  building. 

United Methodist Church


405 Main St. – Located in the historic part of town, this congregation was established in the mid 1850's, although this building was constructed later .  This historic church continues to be alive and well, although smaller in number of parishioners. 

St. Lukes Catholic Church


Photo taken in 1943. Today this church has become a residence and the new Catholic Church building is located on the south side of the freeway. 

Lyons General Store


This general store was owned by RA Lyons. Picture taken in 1910. 

Interior of Lyons Store


This photo taken in 1915 features the inside of the Lyons store with James and Mary Lyons and their grandson.

Bentley Service Station


This picture taken in 1940 is of the Judd Bentley Service Station located at the corner of Main St. and Oak St. He had one bay for repairs an sold Shell gasonline.