National Register of Historic Places


Masonic Lodge - 205 Oak Street Built in 1888

The Clearwater Masonic Lodge met upstairs and the downstairs has housed a number of different businesses over the years.  This building was constructed in 1889. 

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Historic Clearwater Lodge #28 -

Downloaod the history of the Clearwater Masonic Hall

Webster House - 205 Spring Street

Built by in 1860 by WWW Webster, a civil war veteran and community leader. Style of house is Greek architectural style, which was very popular at the time. 


First Congregational Church of Clearwater

405 Bluff St.   Built in the mid 1800's.  During the Dakota Uprising a stockade was built around the church to provide safety for the settlers. Supposedly, a tunnel ran from the basement of the church toward the river, affording pioneers an escape route in case of Indian attack.

It is currently being remodeled as a private residence. 

Of all the buildings in the City of Clearwater, this is the one that has the richest history. . . some of that history has been passed down through generations of long-time families in the area, but little can actually be documented through credible printed records. So it will remain a mystery and the colorful stories will continue to be passed on.