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Notable Locations

1035 Main Street

Built in the 1860's with lumber salvaged from the river. One plank in the attic is 14 inches wide a 40 feet in length. The first white woman in Clearwater, lived in this house. 

605 Main St.

Built in 1873 by Thomas Shaw who came from New England in 1850's. 

Today it is rental property.

520 Main Street

Built in 1910. Most notable resident was Dr. Ernest Kingsbury, who operated a medical practice from this building. 

305 Bluff St.

This yellow brick home is of the Queen Ann style, built by Dr. Leslie Edmunds and his wife Jeannie.  Supposedly it is haunted, as residents have heard a baby crying. 

265 Bluff

This home was built in 1919 for Anthony W. Raw and family. Raw operated the local hardware store. 

723 Ash Street

This famous octagon shaped house was built in 1857 as a present to a daughter that was getting married.

810 Spring Street

This home had a majestic view overlooking the Mississippi. It was demolished in 2014 in preparation for the new Highway 24 bridge.

Old School - Bluff St.

Built in 1871 after the original school burned. In 1936, senior high students were bused to St. Cloud and only elementary students attended here. Consolidated with St. Cloud in April of 1968.

Methodist Church Main St.

Original portion built in 1881, basement added in 1941, addition on left added in 1998.

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